100 Years of Eminence
On the 100th birth anniversary year of Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai, join us in honoring and celebrating his incredible work.
100 Years of Eminence
On the 100th birth anniversary year of Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai, join us in honoring and celebrating his incredible work.
Universal PrayerSimple words with profound impact that weave a strong aura of harmony within and around the speaker
Universal PrayerSimple words with profound impact that weave a strong aura of harmony within and around the speaker
“O God!,
Bless all with Health and Wealth,
Bless all with Money and Harmony,
O God! Bless all with Peace and Bliss,
Bless all with Wisdom and your Devotion.”
- Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai

What is the Universal Prayer?

The essence of Jeevanvidya Philosophy is the Universal Prayer. It is a succinct, beautiful, and profound poetry which, when uttered, creates an aura of vibrations that impacts an individual, a family, a society, a country, and finally the world at large.

The Universal Prayer explores three essential values of humanity - being interdependent, interconnected, and interrelated. Its universality comes from the lack of focus on any particular age, caste, creed, color, or nationality. It promotes only one thing: betterment of humanity as a whole.

Every word is scientific, logical, and practical in its existence. Woven together, it is a sacrosanct chant of well-being adaptable and beneficial for the world. The far-reaching nature of the Universal Prayer aims to create a deep-rooted and impactful influence of positive thoughts for harmonious results, across the world.

The essence of Universal Prayer:

  • Interdependence is the crux of our existence. Our lives are led by the contribution of many people's lives. Prayer makes you understand the freedom of this dependency, allowing you to co-exist harmoniously with everything and everyone around you.

  • Humanity is interconnected with each other. Our thoughts and emotions are always reciprocated with each other through our actions and reactions. What you think and feel, is what manifests. Through Universal Prayer, we can make this reciprocation positive.

  • In the end, our interrelation with each other creates a chain reaction. This keeps positivity and harmony flowing and growing from an individual, to a family, to a society, to a nation, and at large to the world.

Celebrities Chant the Universal Prayer

Devaki Pandit (English)

Universal Prayer in English language, sung by Devaki Pandit.

Mahesh Kale (Marathi)

Universal Prayer in Marathi language, sung by Mahesh Kale.

Anup Jalota (Hindi)

Universal Prayer in Hindi language, sung by Anup Jalota.

Falguni Pathak (Gujarati)

Universal Prayer in Gujarati language, sung by Falguni Pathak.

Shankar Mahadevan (Kannada)

Universal Prayer in Kannada language, sung by Shankar Mahadevan.

Kaushiki Chakraborty (Bangla)

Universal Prayer in Bangla language, sung by Kaushiki Chakraborty.

Ajit Kadkade (Konkani)

Universal Prayer in Konkani language, sung by Ajit Kadkade.

The Universal Prayer includes all essential needs of a human being - from material progress (health, wealth, wisdom) to spiritual progress (devotion to God). Its precise comprehensive nature allows it to be compact.

You are asking the Universe to grant everyone good health, prosperity, riches, harmony; you wish them peace to live their lives with bliss; you wish they become wise and devoted to the greater cause. All of this, without a single exception.

Every line of the Universal Prayer focuses on 'all'. As an individual, when you pray for the betterment of all, it expands your conscious thinking. Through practice when this turns it into a natural habit, you will achieve enlightenment.

The prayer inculcates an attitude of 'You before Me'. It brings your mind, spirit, and body together to think beyond yourself, for the betterment of everyone else around the world. It makes you one with the world.

From time immemorial, human beings have been advised to meditate on the 'Name of God' to solve all their problems. However it is quite difficult, or almost impossible, due to a variety of reasons. The 'Universal Prayer' not only solves the problem but also achieves the results. You can not only understand what you are saying but also visualize it. The Universal Prayer doesn't talk of any unaware entity or complex philosophical values. It talks of humanity, which anchors you to the cause easily.

You can actually gradually expand the circle of 'all' in the Universal Prayer to include beings beyond humans - animals, birds, trees, and non-living things such as earth, water, fire, air, sky. When you get into the habit of doing this everyday, almost magically, the elements also interact with you in a favorable manner.

But instead of magic, it is pure science. It is the simple law of physics - every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When you say the prayer wholeheartedly, you send out positive vibrations into the atmosphere. It gets back to you in return.

How to Say Universal Prayer Rightly?


The beauty of Universal Prayer is that it is extremely flexible.


It can be said by anyone, at anytime, at any place, and in any language. Its lack of religious association also makes it possible to be accepted by all.


You can say the prayer even if you are not initiated by Satguru or in Jeevanvidya.


For effective results, say the prayer 108 times before retiring to bed, as the subconscious mind is highly receptive at that time.


Similarly, if it is said in a group and in the presence of an enlightened master, it produces quicker results.


Understand the importance and essence of the prayer to say it wholeheartedly. When it comes from heart, it resonates truth and energy.

Benefits of Universal Prayer

You manifest a boomerang of positive energies through the law of attraction. You reap good, because you sow good.

You become humble and grateful for everyone and everything around you as you realize their importance.

A ripple effect of gratitude flows from you to the world at large, influencing an attitude of peace and tolerance.

The thought of positivity and harmony, has a positive effect on your health - mental and physical both.

Universal Prayer In Different Languages