Universal Prayer

‘O God!
Bless all with Health and Wealth,
Bless all with Money and Harmony,
O God! Bless all with Peace and Bliss,
Bless all with Wisdom and your Devotion.’– Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai

universal prayer in different languages

About Prayer

  • Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai innovated the above ‘Universal Prayer’. He studied all existing methods / prayers to achieve all-round / eternal happiness and contemplated deeply. He then found a better solution.
  • The ‘Universal Prayer‘ is a zero-cost, result-oriented solution for all types of human problems, including health, wealth, family, inter-personal, social, national, global and environmental problems.
  • It is based on immutable and eternal cosmic laws, as described below.
  • These laws are eternal and operate always.
  • These laws operate on each and every human being and at each and every time/place.
  • Hence the ‘Universal Prayer’ benefits people of all age groups, castes, creed, nationality, etc. Therefore the prayer is truly ‘Universal’.
  • Following are few important cosmic laws:
    • I get what I ask for others. This is the law of action and reaction.
    • Actions performed at the level of thought are ‘subtle’. Hence they produce a multiplied and magnified reaction. This is an important discovery of Satguru.
    • Intense and repetitive thoughts are converted into circumstances, things and people. This is based on the cosmic law that thought moves from mind to matter.
    • When I ask for ‘everyone’, this wish is accepted by the Cosmic Life Force faster. Conversely, when I ask only for myself, the wish is not easily accepted by the Cosmic Life Force. Every human being asks for himself, but mostly all his wishes are not fulfilled.
  • The ‘Universal Prayer’ includes all important needs of a human being. It includes material progress (health, wealth, wisdom) and spiritual progress (devotion to God). Hence it is comprehensive and compact.
  • When I ask for ‘everyone’, I expand my consciousness and gradually coincide it with the Infinite Cosmic Life Force. This helps to achieve enlightenment.
  • The Universal Prayer simultaneously invokes the unmanifest Cosmic Life Force and the manifest Universe. Hence the person worships both aspects of the Cosmic Life Force. Very few prayers achieve this goal.
  • The ancient scriptures have references about asking for the ‘good of all’. Unfortunately, this knowledge was forgotten and not explained.
  • Modern quantum mechanics has proved that both thought and matter are two different forms of energy; and that one can be converted into another.
  • From time immemorial, human beings are advised to meditate on the ‘Name of God’ to solve all their problems. However it is quite difficult, or almost impossible, due to a variety of reasons. The ‘Universal Prayer’ solves this problem and yet achieves the results, as the practitioner can understand and visualise what he says. Since the ‘Universal Prayer’ asks for the ‘good of all’ and since ‘all’ can be seen and understood, the practitioner is anchored to the ‘Universal Prayer’.
  • Advanced practitioners can gradually expand the circle of ‘all’ in the ‘Universal Prayer’ and include all human beings, animals, birds, trees, and non-living things such as earth, water, fire, air, sky, etc. As he does this, he gets a favourable response from each of these elements.
  • James Allen, a famous philosopher, said ‘as you change your thoughts towards things and people, the things and people will change towards you’. In the ‘Universal Prayer’, the practitioner sends out positive vibrations towards one and all and hence gets back a favourable response from the entire universe.

Method to say the ‘Universal Prayer’

  • Maximum flexibility is available to say the ‘Universal Prayer’
  • It can be said by any one, at any time, at any place, in any language and addressed to any Deity.
  • Even if the practitioner has not taken initiation from Satguru, he can say this prayer.
  • For better and faster results, it should be said 108 times, before retiring to bed, as the sub-conscious mind is highly receptive at that time.
  • Similarly, if it is said in a group and in the presence of an enlightened master, it produces faster results.
  • Saying the prayer by understanding it and the underlying cosmic laws, produces faster results.

Benefits of saying the ‘Universal Prayer’

  • The main benefit is that the practitioner achieves a rare peace of mind, which is based on knowledge of cosmic laws.
  • He achieves all-round progress in his life, which includes better health, wealth, inter-personal relationships and a genuine respect for the entire mankind / Universe.
  • He can achieve enlightenment / eternal bliss.
  • He easily gives up his vices, addictions, false beliefs, blind faith and empty rituals. This helps him to save his time and money.