Power of mind

Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai’s philosophy is very progressive and stresses on harmonious thinking. It has close relationship with the science of the mind. It examines the role of the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind and explores the relationship between the two minds.Satguru emphasizes that the art of utilizing this knowledge of relationship between the conscious mind and sub-conscious mind, is absolutely essential to lead a successful and beautiful life Satguru advises that for spiritual progress, what one needs is “Sublimation of conscious mind resulting in elevation of sub-conscious mind which eventually transforms into Divine Consciousness”

Further, satguru has evolved the conceptof the cosmic mind

He gives an analogy of a garland of flowers to explain it. He says that all the flowers are interwoven by a thread which passes through it. Further, a portion of thread passes through each flower in the garland and, hence, if the thread receives a jerk, all the flowers receive that jerk to some extent.

All people of all religions in the world are like flowers and these flowers are interwoven together by the thread of the Cosmic Mind

Thus the entire thread is the Cosmic Mind, while the portion of the thread in the heart (inner-self) of every individual is the mind. If any person in the world is affected by sorrow or grief, other persons in the world too are affected in various degrees. He therefore maintains that,

An Invisible Divine Bank

This Invisible Divine Bank is really wonderful and it exists within every “The state of man’s peace and happiness is in the welfare and well being of others and the state of his grief and misery is in the sorrows of others.

Man must, therefore, behave like a human being (i.e. in a humane manner) with others, irrespective of their class, caste, creed, race or religion and sincerely endeavour to make one another happy.”