Philosophy – Quotes

Jeevanvidya is a philosophy of life and an art of living and is an excellent combination of psychology, para-psychology and meta-Physics. It aims at achieving material prosperity and attaining spiritual progress by dint of relentless efforts, on the basis of circumstances as they stand.

Life is a wonderful systematised arrangement naturally designed by Nature or God to enable Man to enjoy bliss inherent in his soul.

Just as a bird requires two wings to fly happily in the skies, similarly Man needs worldly life as well as spiritual life to live peacefully and gracefully in this world.

Life is neither a game nor a gamble nor a melody, but it is a never ending battle which Man has to fight.

The master key to successful life is to first accept the circumstances as they are and then make relentless
efforts to shape them beautifully.

The real concept of God or Cosmic Life Force is , it is a natural intrinsic automatic self regulatory systematised arrangement endowed with universal laws of nature.

God or Cosmic Life Force is neither an idol nor an individual nor merely a power. It is by itself pure consciousness, bliss by nature while life force dwells at its core.

The very assumption that the so called God is omnipresent is basically not correct. The truth is Cosmic Energy in the form of life force and not God is omnipresent and exists everywhere as ordinary life.

The so called God or omnipotent Cosmic Life force is only one for all the people of all the religions in the world and this God or Cosmic life force does not bless nor curse anybody. The fact is, Man alone blesses or curses himself by the good or evil actions he performs at the three levels of thought, speech and physical action.

God or almighty Life Force is within you and it is this Life Force which becomes responsible to make or mar your life according to harmonious or harmful thoughts that you entertain in your mind

If a mere atom has the potential of an immense power of an atom bomb, you can very well imagine the tremendous power that dwells in the human soul which is the very manifestation of Cosmic Life Force itself.

If you can’t realise God residing closely within your heart it is utterly impossible for you to find
Him elsewhere in the world.

Human body is a wonderful gift of nature and is a super computer. All actions of Man performed at three levels of thoughts, speech and physical action are in effect actual feeding to this super computer which gives favorable or unfavorable results to his actions in the form of peace and happiness or pain and miseries.

Human body is a miraculous gift of nature and is a tape recording machine. All actions performed by Man at three levels of thought, speech and physical action are miraculously, accurately and secretly recorded by the sub-conscious mind on the tape of subtle consciousness, which eventually becomes Man’s record on the basis of which his destiny is determined.

Just as there is a commercial bank, so also there is a wonderful Divine Bank residing in the heart of Man. All actions of Man performed at three levels of thought, speech and physical action normally fructify in the form of reactions sooner or later. However, those actions which do not fructify are deposited by the sub-conscious, awaiting for favorable circumstances for manifestation in Man’s life in the form of peace and happiness or miseries and sufferings in response to his good or evil actions, according to the laws of nature.

People who live life in tune with the universal laws of nature are blessed by Nature or God with boons and bounties, on the other hand those who defy the laws of nature receive curses and kicks from Him.

The general belief that Man performs actions and the so called God gives rewards, is no correct. The truth is “Reaction to Action inherently exists in action itself.” Therefore always remember the universal law of nature that harmonious and harmful actions that you direct towards others, come back to you like a boomerang to bless or curse your life.

“Live yourself happily and let others live happily too”, is the essence of true religion. It is now high time that all people of all religions in the world must realise that the essence of true religion is WISDOM, which can solve all problems of human race, right from A to Z.

“Awakening the sense of humanity in Man” is indeed the soul of true religion and is the heart of education as also the most effective solution for all sorts of problems of the entire human race.

“Wisdom” is the soul of true religion which can shape and build a happy, graceful, decent and healthy human society. If concept of religion all that remains is nothing but the ashes of religion in the form of barren rites and rituals.

Body without life is useless, religion without wisdom is worthless and life without wisdom is hopeless. Wisdom alone has the unique potential to bless the human society with material prosperity and spiritual progress of the entire human race. Therefore religion without wisdom is no religion at all, while religion endowed with wisdom is real religion in the true sense of the term.

It is indeed a human tragedy that “Wisdom” which is so essential to Man particularly in his younger days dawns on him at the fag end of his life.

Learn from the past and live the present with wisdom for bright future.

None else but Man himself creates his own destiny through his good or evil thoughts, speech and physical actions and the destiny so created, becomes responsible for his sorrow and pain or pleasure and happiness.

Mind which is the centre of human life is responsible in every way for his health and wealth, success and prosperity peace and bliss, adversity and calamity, misery and failure, sorrow and pain; Man must therefore realise that it is this Mind alone which is his friend or foe, holy or horrible, divine or devil, God or Satan.

Mind well, the builder of destiny is mind.

Take care of the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind will take care of itself.

When the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind are in harmony with each other, Man attains peace and prosperity, however if these two minds are in conflict with each other, he simply faces sorrow, misery, difficulties and sufferings in his life.

A fickle, weak mind is the root cause of misery, sorrow, failure and frustration, while a steady, strong mind is the source of peace, success, joy and happiness.

The mighty powers of thought, feeling, imagination and emotion dwell in human mind and if these faculties are utilised wisely, the sub-conscious mind helps Man to acquire tranquility and prosperity, on the contrary if these faculties are used foolishly, they create all sorts of difficulties and calamities in his life.

The most effective way to make your mind strong is to be ever conscious of the presence of mighty Life force within, which is capable of bringing to pass all your desires.

The Psycho-Spiritual journey of Man’s life commences with the concept of body consciousness and ends with the attainment of divine consciousness.

“Devotion to work, harmonious contemplation and experiencing the ever present Divinity within”, are the three important principles which bless Man with peace and happiness.

The genuine spiritual pursuit of God commences with the awareness of divinity within and ends with attainment of divine consciousness.

As a matter of fact, the lotus of spiritual goal should blossom from the bud of Man’s worldly life; however, the manner in which common people commonly make efforts for attaining spiritual goal, lead them only towards crumpling totally the very bud of their worldly life.

God realisation is in experiencing the very existence of one’s own Divinity within by awakening the divine Consciousness in the Heart.

All other types of so-called God realisations which common people commonly talk of, are nothing but only delusions, illusions and hallucinations.

The devotees who try to realise God on their own without divine guidance of Satguru generally fail to attain the desired goal inspite of their strenuous efforts, while those who resort to spiritual practices under the divine guidance of Satguru straightway attain the goal of self-realisation with ease and peace.

Man must be very vigilant in developing friendship or association, which has enormous potential either to bring about his failure and frustration or glory and success.

It is very smooth and easy to develop friendship with evil vicious minded persons as also with men of vices, and the irony of fact is, such harmful friendship also lasts permanently; however, it is most difficult to build association with men of virtues, honour and respect, and it is still more difficult to maintain such harmonious association on permanent basis.

Man is endowed with enormous power of thinking which has tremendous capability to transform human life into a barren desert or to make it blossom into a paradise.

Never forget that you are surrounded by the thought world which is more real than the material world you live in.

Remember always that the polluted thought world alone is responsible in every way for creating all sorts of crooked and wretched problems for the entire human race.

Change your thoughts and change your destiny.

Nurture your mind with harmonious thoughts to blossom your life with blessings from responsive mighty Life Force within.

Never forget that thoughts in your mind alone mould and build your life.

Purification and sublimation of the thought world is absolutely essential to bring about genuine and effective revolution in the material world.

Thoughts are essentially the actual manifestation of the Cosmic Life Force itself and are responsible in every way for shaping human life, either miserably or beautifully.

Nurture your mind with harmonious, peaceful and graceful thoughts and you will witness miracles in your life.

“Relentless Efforts” is really a gem which is superior even to God because relentless efforts have inherent capacity to achieve anything and everything in life including realisation of God Himself.

All great men in the world had to face failure, frustration and calamities before rising to the majestic position of glory and success.

Following the footsteps of these great men, Man must ever be ready to digest the poison of fear, failure and frustration before taking the eagle’s flight towards the pinnacle of success, glory and prosperity.

It is proprietary for every person in the world to make honest and sincere efforts for achieving the desired objective, also it is his moral obligation to try hard for attaining success and it is his duty to first accept peacefully failure or defeat and then make relentless efforts again, in the direction of the goal aimed at.

The greatest wonder of the world is that people knowing fully well serious, precarious and adverse consequences, unwisely follow the same path of men of vices, who utterly ruin themselves and their families by subjecting their wives and children to tremendous sorrow and sufferings.

Resorting to vices, under the impression that one can easily escape from miseries, sorrows and sufferings of world life, is the greatest blunder.

On the contrary, drowning oneself in the ocean of vices like alcohol, drug, tobacco only attract all sorts of difficulties, miseries, calamities, chaos, physical and mental diseases which push these addicts and their families towards the valley of total debacle of disaster and downfall.

It is indeed the biggest wonder of the world that people in general are too prompt to follow men of vices though they witness with open eyes the very fact that these men of vices set on fire their family life and force their wives and children towards the state of miserable existence.

Common people are under the silly apprehensions that Babas, Bhagats, Fakirs, Priests and Godmen are endowed with faculty of performing miracles and are also capable of instantly solving their problems and difficulties in worldly life as well as curing people from all diseases.

Under such wrong notions, such crazy, ignorant and innocent people simply run after these Babas, Bhagats and Fakirs who are proficient in sleight of hands and are ultimately cheated and deceived.

People must therefore be wise enough to stay away from these so-called miracle performing Priests, Fakirs and Godmen.

Scientific faith is distinct from blind faith; scientific faith is a boon while blind faith is a curse.

Ignorance and ego nourish each other and become mighty enough to destroy the life of a person who shelters them
When we realise how insignificant we are in the infinite expanse of this vast universe, our ego gets completely dissolved and the moment the ego is evaporated, God id realised and the soul is liberated.

Man will never attain peace and happiness and realise the truth, as long as he is in the clutches of ego which is the very manifestation of ignorance.

Man utterly intoxicated by this ego foolishly boasts of conquering nature, forgetting the very fact that he himself is part and parcel of this nature itself.

Just as the snake sheds its old skin and begets new one, similarly this world sheds its old form and assumes new one.

This process only shows that the world is not false but is ever new.

Cursed wealth and money earned by evil and foul means not only become positively a cause of suffering to the persons who earn them, but such wealth and money bring about distress, sorrow and ruin to their children and their future generations as well, according to the universal law of nature as also by the law of inheritance.

As long as Man honestly thinks that money and wealth alone is God, humanity in human being will never manifest and the human race will never attain peace and happiness.

Jeevanvidya philosophy believes only in two casts of men in this world, the first is men of virtues and the second is men of vices.

CHATURVARNYA, the four original casts, are not to be determined by birth but must be determined only on the basis of good or evil actions that Man performs in his life.

BRAHMINS are only those who make conscious efforts for upliftment of human society.

KSHATRIYAS are only those who are vigilant for its protection, VAISHAS are only those who work for the prosperity of the society and SHUDRAS are those who become responsible for its downfall.

High principles such as truth and non-violence may be proper ideals for well being and refinement of an individual; however, if occasion demands, untruth and violence must be accepted in place of truth and non-violence for the welfare and well being of the nation and human race at large.

Knowledge is missile, weapon and science.

Knowledge is might, energy and strength.

Knowledge is wealth, riches and splendour.

Knowledge is God, Almighty Power and Cosmic Life Force.

Therefore acquire knowledge and bless yourself.

Love work and bless all and you will be blessed by God.

Performance of good and meritorious actions may not shower on Man wealth, power, fame or fortune, but he will positively attain peace and happiness; on the contrary, performance of evil and malicious deeds may attract wealth, power, fame and fortune, but he will neither be blessed with peace and happiness nor with stability and tranquility in his life.

Wisdom lies essentially in creating a favorable destiny which blesses Man with health, harmony, peace, joy and happiness.

This favorable destiny can be created by the following simple process : “Think good, wish good, speak good and Do good.

“People must remember that calamities, sorrow, misery and suffering reside permanently in the family life where women are subjected to wicked, wretched and crooked treatment.

You must always remember that a contented wife is a boon to the family who attracts blessings of God in the form of peace and prosperity.

If a women is judicious and wise she will create heaven of happiness in the family itself, but is she is foolish, egoistic and ignorant, she will convert her home into hell in no time.

If a person ties a stone to his belly and enters the deep sea, he will surely go straightway to its bottom, similarly if a person with a stone of ignorance and blind faith enters the ocean of worldly life, he is bound to go straightway to the bottom of rack and ruin.

A person who is convinced that neither God, nor any person, nor any other thing but he alone is responsible for his miseries and sufferings, he is on the right path to success and prosperity; on the contrary a person influenced by ignorance and blind faith labours under the impression that the cause of his sufferings is due to God’s wrath or black magic or some such witchcraft, casted on him by his enemy, he is absolutely on the wrong path of failure, frustration and downfall.

Man has to face favorable or unfavorable circumstances in his life irrespective of the fact, whether he is an ordinary person or a saint or even an incarnation of God; Wisdom therefore lies in steadying the mind by divine meditation and facing boldly the calamities and difficulties with a calm mind.

Health is wealth, Health is heaven, Health is harmony, Health is harvest of happiness, in fact Health is everything, If Health is lost, all is lost.

Man must behave like human being with other people irrespective of cast, creed, race or religion and sincerely endeavor to make each other happy.

This is real adoration and worship of God, the true spirit of devotion and service to god, as also the essence of true religion.

The conception that Man’s life is totally dependent and subjugated in the hands of God, fate or so-called destiny or NIYATI, is not true.

In the life of Man 90 percent events are within his reach while 10% events can be considered as circumstances beyond his control.

The conception that Man’s life is totally dependent and subjugated in the hands of God, fate or so-called destiny or NIYATI, is not true.

In the life of Man 90 percent events are within his reach while 10% events can be considered as circumstances beyond his control.

Man’s assumption that whatever he does is for the benefit of others, makes him self centered and egoistic, on the contrary the belief that whatever he does is for his own refinement and well being makes him benevolent and broad minded.

Government assumes sufficient powers for smooth administration of the state.

Therefore government alone is responsible in every way for betterment and upliftment or bereavement and downfall of the people it governs.

“Money is something but harmony is everything”, is the universal truth, Man must never forget, if he sincerely aspires for peace and happiness.

If Man is bent upon lamenting all the time about the deficiencies in his life, then even God himself will not be able to end his discontented life.

Normally the value of zero is cipher, but if zero is preceded by one, its value increases by ten times; similarly in this vast universe Man’s value is a big zero, but if he is backed by God in the form of Satguru, this zero valued person becomes hero worshipped Man.

The dream of bringing about a revolution in the world will never come true unless the human race genuinely appreciates the very truth that the state of Man’s happiness of others while the state of his grief is concealed in the sorrows of others.

When men mutually endeavor to destroy each other, all tumble down; on the contrary when they mutually support each other, all attain success, prosperity and happiness.

One who becomes happy observing the sorrows and miseries of others is a Satan, one who is grieved witnessing the grief of others is a human being and the one who rejoices happiness observing the joy of others is essentially the divine entity indeed.

Mankind can solve all its problems and live in paradise of peace and happiness only if honest efforts are made to solve the problems of mankind taking into consideration the welfare and well being of the human race as a whole.

Otherwise history will go on repeating itself as hitherto.

It is not correct to say that Man is a thinking animal, but it will be more appropriate to say that Man is he who has the power of right thinking.

Columbus reached America in his attempt to discover India, similarly in his efforts to search peace and happiness Man reaches the land of chaos and misery.

When men mutually endeavor to destroy each other, all tumble down; on the contrary when they mutually support each other, all attain success, prosperity and happiness.

Stupid people are anxious to go to heaven after death, while wise men create heaven on this earth itself.

People lacking common sense are always on the forefront in criticising and defaming others, for the simple reason that “Criticising Others” is the only thing which does not require any common sense.

Men of wisdom are those who think twice about the consequences of their actions, while fools are those who act first and then go on worrying about the consequences.

You must remember that limited children, enough wealth, non-addiction to vices, sound health and devotion to God are the five golden principles of happy life.

Man’s insistence that his every desire must be fulfilled, is the root cause for all his sorrows, sufferings and miseries.

It is high time that Man must realise that the so-called Satan is nothing but ignorance incarnate which is responsible in every way for all sorts of difficulties, calamities, worries, miseries and sufferings he has to face in his life.

On the contrary, so-called God is nothing but Wisdom incarnate which is the very source of all sorts of blessings, boons, success and prosperity.

Comforts of life, peace of mind and bliss inherent in the soul, are the three different states of consciousness and are related to body consciousness, pure consciousness and Divine consciousness respectively.

Wealth and money are required for achieving comforts of life, PUNYA or auspicious actions are required for attaining peace of mind, while awakening Divine consciousness within is essential for attaining bliss inherent in the soul.

Lack of national spirit is the only cause for all sorts of crooked and wretched problems, the nation has to face.

The root cause of all evils, miseries and sufferings of the entire human race lies in the belief in wrong concept of happiness, which varies from person to person.

Inequality inherent in the nature is the splendor of God, while inequality created by Man is a curse to the entire human race.

The twenty first century expects mankind to embrace human culture.

The soul of human culture is in realisation of oneness of God, oneness of religion and oneness of human race.

The truth is, there is only one god or Cosmic Life force, one religion that is human religion and there is only one race that is human race.

The heart of human culture is in the five golden principles of equality, nobility, tolerance, understanding and contentment.

Such a human culture is the only effective solution for all the difficulties and problems of the entire human race.