Donations through ECS Mandate to your bank

  • This is a simple scheme, which is like buying a motorbike on EMI. There are no additional charges for it.
  • Please check with your banker, whether this scheme is available in your city. This scheme is only for INR donations within India.
  • You have to instruct your banker to deduct a fixed amount from your savings account on the thirteenth of each month and credit it to Jeevanvidya Mission’s (Mumbai) bank account.
  • The Utility Code is: 4000188.
  • You have to choose the following three items.
    • The starting month of the ECS schemet
    • The fixed amount per month (EMI), which should be atleast Rs.500 per month
    • The duration of the scheme (12 or 24 or 36 moths etc)
  • You must be careful to maintain sufficient balance in your account on that date. If the ECS is unsuccessful, your bank will charge you a penalty depending on their policies. This could be Rs. 200 or more.
  • If you have some emergency at your house and you wish to stop the ECS scheme, then you have to give an advance intimation of 15 days to you banker.
  • Please follow these steps:
    • Download the ‘ECS Mandate Form’ from the website and fill it completely and correctly, especially the bank codes.
    • Xerox it
    • Take it to your banker
    • He will attest one form and return it to you.
    • Xerox one copy for your records
    • Courier the other attested copy to Jeevanvidya Mission (ECS), Borivali
  • For Income-tax purpose, you will receive one consolidated receipt for all your payments during the period April to March, each year.
  • If you need any clarifications, please e-mail them to

Please remember that your ECS donation will help Jeevanvidya Dynanpeeth to maintain its beauty, cleanliness and pristine glory. It will help you and others enjoy their stay at JVD and learn the Jeevanvidya Philosophy easily. You will be sharing Satguruji’s vision of making the entire world happier.

form_imgECS Mandate Form
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