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JVM Courses for Corporates

(For Executives,Officers & Workers)

Due to his educational qualification, any person works with a sense of pride that ‘I am SO & SO’ or ‘I am This or That’. But however high or low his post, nobody can work effectively on his / her own. He / she needs co-operation from others. Workmen depend on Officers and the Officers, in turn, depend on Workmen. Only when they work harmoniously together, they can take the nation forward. So Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai said: ”Even God cannot predict who will need whom; in what circumstances and when – so one should put in constructive effort to try and maintain good relations with each and every person.” If people in the industry adopt this view point, only then industry will prosper. For that to happen….

‘Your prosperity is in your hands’


This is a course designed by keeping the following points in mind….

  • The responsibility of one’s position and its proper use…
  • The importance of one’s work and one’s capability……
  • To work honestly, sincerely and with devotion to achieve prosperity for one’s employer as well as one’s family.
  • Another course is designed especially for Officers, on ‘How to enjoy stress’, and how to live happily and successfully….