Benefits of jeevanvidya

Those people who accept the philosophy of Jeevanvidya and sincerely make efforts to put it into practice definitely improve their financial position, make progress in life and are blessed with peace and happiness.


People who practice Jeevanvidya philosophy in their lives are benefited in the manner explained below


  • Human beings gain self-confidence and give up reliance on silly concepts like fatalism, luck, destiny, etc. Instead, they realise that they are the architect of their own destiny.
  • Due to the knowledge imparted by Jeevanvidya, people become free from vices such as smoking & drinking This results in improvement of the physical health of human beings and a substantial reduction is effected in expenditure on medicines and doctor’s fees.
  • Under the influence of ignorance, blind faith and superstitions, people approach babas, fakirs, bhagats, god-men and priests for curing their illnesses and also for overcoming troubles, difficulties and calamities. The time & money that would have been spent in such futile efforts is saved. Besides this, the tendency towards fatalism is also curbed. People spend a large portion of their hard-earned money on performing pilgrimages, sacrifices, rites and rituals, etc. due to ignorance, superstitions or in the name of God and religion. This time & money is saved too.
  • Jeevanvidya philosophy constantly reminds seekers the truth that their happiness is concealed in the happiness of others while their sorrows are hidden in the sorrows of others. As a result of acceptance of Jeevanvidya philosophy, relationships between the members of the family as well as other people are improved since they realize that by behaving well with each other, they themselves are benefited in every way.
  • Jeevanvidya teaches children the correct techniques of studying. Children learn that education is a must and that ‘there is no substitute for education’. Children take keener interest in studies, develop a liking for studies and as a result they get through their examinations with good success.
  • People are taught one of the principal docdoctrines of Jeevanvidya philosophy, namely, ‘love work and bless all’. As a result they achieve material progress and live a happy life.
  • Jeevanvidya believes that, “Sorrows, troubles and miseries will always dwell in a house where women are troubled and harassed”. The role of women in society has received due recognition and instances of harassment, ill-treatment of wives as well as wife-beating have been considerably reduced.
…………….and several other uncountable benefit