About Jeevanvidya Mission

Establishment :
Year 1955 (Formerly known as Nam Sampraday Mandal)
Registered with Charity Commissioner in 1980, Regd. No.E-7733 Mumbai.
organisation :
Since its inception in 1955, Jeevanvidya Mission operates on a non-profit basis with hundred percent non paid volunteers from trustees to every participant for sole purpose to make Jeevanvidya philosophy easily accessible to masses for spiritual upliftment and empowerment of people.
Our Activities
Conducting Discourses

Jeevanvidya Mission organized Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai’s discourses in Mumbai, all corners of Maharashtra, Goa & Karnataka states for last 60 years. Lecture series of Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai were also held successfully in USA. These lecture series were organized with the support of friends, well-wishers & practitioners of Jeevanvidya philosophy.

Publication of books

More than 25 books are published, mainly in Marathi. However, some books are also published in other languages such as Hindi, English, Gujarati & Kannada. Jeevanvidya Mission also publishes quarterly magazine by the name “Deepstambh”.

Conducting Jeevanvidya Courses

Jeevanvidya Mission conducts various courses namely Swanand Yog Part 1 & 2, Courses for Youth, Courses for Students as well as Kautimbik Swasthya (for family) in Jeevanvidya Dnyapeeth as well as all over India. These courses are conducted by our experienced trainers covering various topics of Jeevanvidya Philosophy. Jeevanvidya Mission also conducts specialized training based on Jeevanvidya Philosophy for Corporates and big industrial houses in India.

Grantha Dindi

Propagation of Jeevanvidya teachings & books through books fair procession ” Grantha Dindi”. Jeevanvidya Philosophy has been spread not only in Maharashtra but in various parts of India through the medium of Grantha Dindi.


Sangeet Jeevanvidya, Bal Sanskar Kendra – Children’s cultural study centers, Lectures for schools & college students and workers on Jeevanvidya, Discourses on National TV & private cable channels, Study Groups- “Abhyas Vargas”, Educational plays based on Jeevanvidya – ” Nava Natya “. Divine Meditation classes – ” Sadhana Vargas ” Mass ” Upasana Yadnya” & Mass recitation of Universal Prayer.

Special Events

Dnyaneshwar Mauli Punya Smaran Mahotsav Saptaha. Namdharak Anand Melava Saptaha, Guru Pournima Mahotsav.