Kautumbik Saukhya

JVM’s course for Familial Happiness

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‘Ham Do, Hamare Do’ was the earlier slogan for India. But now it is modified as ‘We two our one’ – this one can be
a child; or a house! Due to rapid technological advances and urbanisation, the concept of nucleur family is fast
replacing the earlier concept of joint families. Due to this, the aging parents, who were revered earlier – are now
being sent to ‘old age homes’; and the western culture of ‘divorce’ is increasing rapidly.

Nowadays one hears of entire families committing suicide, due to financial difficulties – as compared to farmer’s
suicides, which one heard of before. This decay in thought process of society has happened because
the bond of humanity has deteriorated between relatives….

And so… to once again strengthen these bonds; in order to restore familial ties; obtain correct guidance; and experience true happiness between two minds….. Join the One-day Course of Familial Happiness