The concept of God

God – the Cosmic Life Force

God is neither an idol, nor an individual nor merely a power or energy. This God is Divine Power endowed with Divine Consciousness and Divine Intuition. This God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient.

Jeevanvidya defines the concept of God as under.

God is Intrinsically Automatic, Self-regulatory, Natural, Systematised Order, endowed with the Universal Laws of Nature. Let us try to explain this theory briefly:

  • Intrinsically Automatic : The earth revolves round itself and simultaneously it rotates round the Sun. The formation of blood in the human body is yet another example. There are many examples relating this theory that you will find in the books.
  • This Systematised Order is Self-regulatory : The Planets rotate in their orbits in a regular fashion, not more rotations nor less.
  • This Systematised Order is Natural : Nobody has created the Systematised Order, but it exists naturally from ages to ages. It is a wonderful, miraculous, secret of Nature. The divinity of God is this.
  • How this Order exists in Systematised form : A human being gives birth to a human being, who is just like him. A mango tree bears the fruits of mangoes; a lion or an elephant give birth to young ones like them and even the fishes produce fishes like themselves.
  • Nature : Many universes are generated from this God, stay for some period and again vanish into the vast ocean of the God, only to be regenerated again and again according to the Universal Laws of Nature. The entire life of man, animals, birds and fishes is governed by the Universal Laws of Nature.

God neither blesses nor curses

The important principal of Jeevanvidya is that God neither blesses nor punishes anybody, irrespective of his religion, caste, creed, sect or race to which he may belong. Similarly God neither interferes nor meddles with the affairs of the human being for any reason whatsoever. What is important is the actions of man and the Laws of Nature. As soon as actions are performed by man the Laws of Nature are activated and eventually reactions are received by him from the God in the form of peace and happiness or miseries and sufferings. For example, electricity neither blesses or curses anybody, but it reacts favourably or unfavourably according to the knowledge or ignorance of the person who handles it.

God does not create the Universe

The important principal of Jeevanvidya is that God does not create all the universes, but all the universes including all the creations immerge and manifest from the God. For example, man does not create sweat from his own body but the sweat is automatically immerges from his body. Another example can be given. In the sleep, man experiences various sorts of dreams. Man does not create all these dreams, but these dreams come into existence automatically and are experienced by him.

Rites and Rituals have no place in the Kingdom of God

Man labours under the impression that he can please God by performing particular rites and rituals. But this is not correct. This can briefly be explained as follows. The fact is that in the vast expanse of the Universe, the world in which we live in is like a small drop of water in the ocean. Whereas our world itself is an insignificant drop of water in the vast ocean of the God, it is needless to state, that man is absolutely an insignificant entity in the infinite empire of God’s universe. Just as in the Kingdom of man, he gives no importance whatsoever, to the creation, existence and destruction of insects such as bugs, ants and mosquitoes, similarly in the vast Kingdom of God, there is no importance whatsoever, to the existence or extinction of human beings. It is thus unnecessary to clarify separately that the variety of rites and rituals that people belonging to different religions perform, are of no importance as far as God is concerned.

God’s relation with Environment and Ecology

As mentioned above, the God manifests in the form of all universes and all creations, and this Life Force is ever present in all the creations. All these creations, are extremely important for the very existence of and also continuation for animate and inanimate life. All the creations may not be important from Man’s point of view, but they are most essential from the point of view of all the living being and non-living beings. Mankind is not the only important part of the Universe, but each and every creation and form is essential and dependent on one another for the Ecological Cycle and for the promotion of the Environment. If man is subtracted from the cycle of evolution, the other creations will continue to survive efficiently, but if any of the other creations are subtracted then the human race will suffer or might even face extinction.

The Theory of the Incarnation of God

It is generally believed that God takes incarnation on this earth for blessing good people and for punishing evil people. Similarly, people believe that God sends his representative on this earth in the form of Prophet, Angel or His Son. As explained above, human race is one of the enormous and various creations and his place in the Kingdom of God is quite insignificant. Just as a bug, or insect has absolutely no place in the life of man, it is therefore incorrect, even to imagine, that the God takes incarnation for the welfare and the well being of the entire human race. The truth is that Man’s life is governed by the Universal Laws of Nature in relation to his good or bad actions and not by the grace of God.