Jeevanvidya in USA (

Our activities in USA

Activity Timing Contact details
Jeevanvidya Teleconference Saturday, 9 pm to 10 pm CST Mrs. Geeta Datar
Character Development Classes
and group reading (Bay Area)
Sunday 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm PST Mrs. Ashwini Tasgaonkar
Character Development Classes
(Allen Texas)
Sunday 3 pm to 4 pm CST Mrs. Gargi Sukhatankar
Character Development Classes
Tuesday 8 pm to 9 pm EST Mrs. Varsha Natu

Jeevanvidya Teleconferences

Teleconferences were first started in 2005. Mrs. Geeta Datar connected all namdharaks and interested people all over USA through teleconference. In teleconference, books written by Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai are read. Also, Shri Pralhad Wamanrao Pai and Shri Subhash Kelkar guide namdharaks on various Jeevanvidya topics and explain the concepts as well as guide them about their practical application. The weekly Teleconferences have been helping the namdharaks a lot in understanding Jeevanvidya concepts in details and provide clarification on several questions and also provide right direction on how to implement Jeevanvidya in their day to day life.

Character Development Classes (Sanskar Classes)

In 2010, Sanskar classes for children (character development classes) were started in Bay area by Gargi Sukhatankar, Pundalik Kudapkar and Ashwini Tasgaonkar under the guidance of Shri Pralhad Wamanrao Pai and Mrs. Usha Palkar. Also a group activity was started around the same time in which namdharaks and interested people together listen to Satguru’s lectures or read Jeevanvidya books and do the discussions as well as share the positive changes that they experienced after implementing Jeevanvidya Principles.

In 2011, Gargi Sukhatankar started character development classes for children in Allen, Texas. In 2012, Varsha Natu started character development classes in Kentucky state. We are getting very good response for the character development classes in different states. Many parents have shared their feedbacks about positive impact of Jeevanvidya sanskar on their children.

Email Groups

In addition to this we have email groups of interested people. We share Jeevanvidya thoughts (Amrut Tushar) with these groups through email. ‘Divine Thoughts’ email is sent daily and ‘Begin your week with inspirational thoughts’ email is sent on weekly basis.

Participation in Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal Convention, 2011

In 2011, Mrs. Geeta Datar approached Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal for setting up Jeevanvidya book stall in their upcoming convention at Chicago. Shri Pralhad Dada Pai, Smt. Milan Tai Pai, Dr. Ghuge and Mr. Bondre brought the wealth of Jeevanvidya knowledge at Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal convention. A booth was set up there for Granth Dindi and to share information about Jeevanvidya philosophy and JVM activities and projects. After that Shri Pralhad Dada and team conducted Jeevanvidya workshops/courses in Bay Area California, New York and New Jersey. We got a very good response and positive feedbacks for the workshops and many people were benefited. Around same time a Hindi lecture by Mrs. Vandana Tai Belhe was organized in Charlotte, North Carolina by local Marathi Mandal.