Importance of human body

Human body is a divine computer

Unlike most religions and philosophies where God is the central theme around which everything else revolves, Satguru has placed Man at the centre of his philosophy. He has introduced the novel concepts of the Human Body as

  • Divine Tape Recording Machine
  • Divine Computer
  • Divine Bank.

A Tape Recording Machine

The human tape recording machine can continuously and accurately record all types of thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as all the actions performed by Man through his sense organs, his organs of knowledge and his inner organs of the mind, the intellect, etc. These impressions are recorded by the sub-conscious Mind on its ‘subtle’ Consciousness and can never be erased.

A Divine Computer

The computer gives results according to the data fed into it. If the data fed to the computer is wrong it gives erroneous results and if the data fed is correct then the computer gives out accurate results. Similarly, Man experiences in his life, results in the form of sorrow and happiness or pain and pleasure from this divine computer of the human body at the three levels of ‘thought, speech and deeds’. This feeding is also of two types. Firstly, Man feeds knowingly or unknowingly, healthy or unhealthy inputs to the divine computer of his own body and simultaneously he feeds knowingly or unknowingly, healthy and unhealthy inputs to the divine computer of other people around him, in the form of auspicious or inauspicious impressions (Sanskars)

An Invisible Divine Bank

This Invisible Divine Bank is really wonderful and it exists within every individual. The ‘subtle’ impressions of the good and the bad actions performed by every individual are reflected on his ‘deeper’ Consciousness and these subtle impressions are ultimately deposited as Papa and Punya in his Invisible Divine Bank. While the transactions of the commercial bank are performed by Man’s conscious mind, the transactions of this Invisible Divine Bank are performed by his sub-conscious mind, unconsciously. Just as our conscious mind performs the function of depositing or withdrawing money from the commercial bank, similarly our sub-conscious mind performs the function of depositing Papa and Punya in the Invisible Divine Bank and utilizes these deposits for giving favourable and unfavourable results in Man’s life.

Human body is living idol of god

Satguru considers the human body to be the walking and talking living idol of God made by God Himself. He has taught
the ideal worship of the living idol of God which consists of
by nurturing the human body with good Sanskaras or impressions and excellent habits;
by culturing the human body well with an excellent education, training and teachings;
by nourishing the human body with good food, pure milk and water, etc.;
by maintaining the human body in sound condition with peaceful mind by entertaining good thoughts in the mind,
speaking pleasant words, performing good actions, remembering God with gratitude, performing physical exercises
or Yoga; and by constantly striving for both material development and spiritual progress. He emphasizes that by
worshipping God in the way mentioned above, human beings can positively attain happiness, peace, contentedness,
bliss, health, success and prosperity.

Conversely, those who become addicts of undesirable vices like alcohol, smoking, chewing tobacco, opium, heroin,
brown sugar, etc., actually vandalize and insult the living idol of God in the form of the human body. In the same way, by
indulging in abuse, corruption, atrocities, harassment of people, violence, murders, etc., human beings actually
torture, damage and demolish the living idol of God in the form of the human body. Satguru maintains that people who
indulge in such bad and evil actions are terrible criminals in the eyes of God and they are meted out their punishment as
per the Universal Laws of Nature in the form of physical diseases, mental diseases, troubles, catastrophes, calamities,
tensions, unhappiness, misery etc.