Frequently Asked Question

Q.1 What is Jeevanvidya?
Ans. It is an art of beautiful living & philosophy of life.
Q.2 Who can join Jeevanvidya?
Ans. Anyone can join Jeevanvidya as there is no restriction based on religion, caste, sex, age etc.
Q.3 Is Jeevanvidya based on any religion?
Ans. Jeevanvidya is based on the religion of HUMANITY.
Q.4 Should I renounce the world to join Jeevanvidya?
Ans. No. In fact the real goal of JeevanVidya philosophy is to achieve a holistic life and to achieve material & spiritual progress.
Q.5 What is Divya Bodh and Divya Sadhna?
Ans. Satguru imparts Divya Bodh (Divine Teachings) and Divya Sadhana (Divine Meditation) to a seeker,when he is eligible. This helps the seeker to progress faster.
Q.6 What is ‘Anugraha’?
Ans. Satguru gives Anugraha (Divine Initiation) to anyone, without charging any money. This creates a link between Satguru and the seeker.
Q.7 Do I need to pay fees to practise Jeevanvidya?
Ans. No. You can get the knowledge of Jeevanvidya through different media, some of which is free like our web site, Satguru’s discourses on TV, Radio & various locations in Maharashtra. You can also get valuable knowledge of JeevanVidya through books, cassettes, etc., which are priced very reasonably. Please note that neither Satguru nor any volunteer earns any money from this activity. Satguru gives Anugraha (Divine Initiation) without charging any fees.
Q.8 Does Jeevanvidya believe in fasting?
Ans. No
Q.9 I am a youngster, can I join Jeevanvidya?
Ans. Yes. There is no age restriction in Jeevanvidya. In fact Jeevanvidya is more useful for youngsters.
Q.10 I am a non-vegetarian, yet, can I practise Jeevanvidya?
Ans. Yes. There is no food restriction in Jeevanvidya.
Q.11 Does Jeevanvidya believe in Idol worship?
Ans. No. On the contrary, Jeevanvidya believes in Ideal Worship.
Q.12 Are there any rituals in Jeevanvidya?
Ans. No.
Q.13 I stay away from India, how can I practice Jeevanvidya?
Ans. Yes. You can get the knowledge of JeevanVidya through different media such as our website, books, cassettes,
CD’s, magazine, newsletter etc. & mail your queries.a