Swanand Yog

Jeevanvidya Mission’s Advanced Courses

  • Do you desire a healthy body and a peaceful mind?
  • Do you desire good inter-personal relationships?
  • Do students and the youth dream of success and prosperity?
  • Do elders want to mix up freely with the youngsters?
  • Do you wish to live without tensions?

If yes, then there is a special place
for you in Jeevanvidya’s interactive courses

In order to achieve the above, the knowledge of Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai has reached the houses of several people through the medium of books, newspapers, CD’s, radio and television. This has given rise to curiosity about his priceless knowledge. Various Jeevanvidya courses designed by Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai: Swanand Yoga Camp Part – 1 (Basic Course)

Swanand Yog Part – 2 (Advanced Course)

A two day, residential course,
held on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays)

  • Concepts and mis-concepts about the world and spirituality
  • Form and substance of God
  • Form of Sat-chit-anand: Part-1
  • From of Sat-chit-anand: Part-2
  • Search of Self-bliss: Part-1
  • Search of Self-bliss: Part-2
  • Demonstration of different types of meditation

An interactive method is used to share the knowledge on the above important topics. Practical demonstration is given of various meditation techniques and participants are encouraged to do the same. All your questions on the above topics will be answered to your entire satisfaction.


Interesting, witty, having excellent oratory skills and experienced in the knowledge of Jeevanvidya.

Prerequisites :

You would need to first attend Swanand Yog Part 1 after which registration for Advanced course (Part 2) would be processed by us.

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