Jeevanvidya Newsletter
September 2013 I Issue 06
Thought to Think
‘Thought’ is an amazing power, which has the
tremendous capacity to make or mar your life.
Hence, jeevanvidya Philosophy teaches us,
“Change your thoughts and change your destiny".
Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai.
Situation will change
But When & How???
On a day, during travel heard a conversation between two friends – “Buddy, I would have performed much
better in the other project than the boring one, which is currently assigned to me.”
Interesting to note that, he would have performed excellent in the other project.
It means despite of any reasons, his performance in the current project is not up to the mark.
It’s been said that, “Everyone is a good lawyer for defending himself”.
But the question still remains unanswered. Even though we justify ourselves; will it improve the quality
of work expected from us?
We should note Swami Vivekananda’s quotes in this regard. He said, “If we have our most favorite task
in our hand, even an annoyed person can accomplish it. Real intellectual is one who shapes any kind of
work into his like. Remember - any work neither has superiority nor inferiority.”
Do we have any solution to this?
“The master key to successful life is to first accept the circumstances as they are and then make
relentless efforts to shape them beautifully.” - Satguru Shri’ Wamanrao Pai.
Let us analyze the actual facts of above situation.
The project work currently being assigned is not progressing, as it should.
Why? Because, of the lack of interest in that work.
There can be two probable causes for this.
  1. Lack of knowledge / competency / experience, to do the work.
  2. Inappropriate work environment.
Any one of the above or sometimes both reasons are actual facts creating an undesirable situation,
resulting in distraction of the interest in the work.
Therefore, ‘accepting the reality’ means ‘realizing the situation’
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